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 Standard Army Issue M16-X

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Standard Army Issue M16-X Empty
PostSubject: Standard Army Issue M16-X   Standard Army Issue M16-X Icon_minitime1Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:01 pm

The big brother of the M4, the standard issue M16 has been in service for over a century (At the time of BLR, anyway...), and still is the workhorse of the US Army. Those familiar with the original design of the weapon would be familiar with the flash suppressing muzzle, the air-cooled barrel and grip assembly, and the weapon's charging handle. Recent additions to aid in urban combat include a tactical red-dot reflex sight, which is connected to a long-life battery pack. This device is attached to the weapon's Picatiny rail system, and covers a concealed flip-up rear sight, useful in the event of loss of power. The weapon is still chambered for the standard 5.56 NATO round. The copper jacketed lead round has long been subject to criticism and controversy in its long and established lifetime, and not much has changed. The round was designed for unarmored targets, and has difficulty penetrating the advanced armor plates of the modern age. Even out to very short ranges, the round loses effectiveness, as the round begins to "yaw" soon after leaving the barrel. Despite this, the weapon is favored for its ease of control, accuracy relative to other assault weapons, high fire rate, and reliability.

Receiver: M4X
Muzzle: Vulcan R36
Barrel: Frontier Jurisdiction, or stock Iron Sight
Scope: Lightsky AimPoint
Stock: ArmCom AC10 Sharp
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Standard Army Issue M16-X
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