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 The Armory

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PostSubject: The Armory   The Armory Icon_minitime1Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:02 am

The Armory TactiCool

The Armory. This is where all munitions are stored for Howlin' Wolf personnel. The cage is run by several rotating distribution personnel. For a signature, and a small rental fee, you are able to put your mits on different weapon designs, and try to find something that works for you.


If anyone has a particular weapon build that they wish to contribute, please post it here. Be sure to include a brief description of what the builds overall purpose is (damage, accuracy, ease of use, etc), and include all relevant stat information. I find it easier to snap a picture with your camera phone of all of this, instead of alt-tabbing constantly to write up your build.

If anyone tries a particular build, please post under that weapon's description any and all thoughts on it.

Have fun!
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The Armory
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