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 Let me help YOU (new member) get started with SSNC

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PostSubject: Let me help YOU (new member) get started with SSNC   Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:52 am

I'll be on blacklight Retribution and on the SSNC forums chat-box in about 2-3 hours from this current Post time.
If you are interested in getting help with setting up your Dolby Axon Account, which is our Voice Chat system, try to get with me at the time that I'll be on.

I will help you in a step process to installing, registering, and being invited to our Dolby Axon Channels.
I will be helping you answer any question you might have about how our Multi-gaming clan works.
I will also like to play a game or two, if you care to join me. =D

FANG is the temporary tag. I need less than 3k more GP to purchase a SSNC Tag so that ya can transfer over from FANG to SSNC.
I'll be sending you a Message on this Forum, and on Blacklight Retribution (ingame message Inbox) about the merge.

I appreciate your patience and loyalty to your new clan if you had made it to read this current topic that I've posted.

Once again, I'll be back on to help anyone in about 2-3 hours from the time I've posted this Post (I have to run some errands since I just got paid today.)

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Let me help YOU (new member) get started with SSNC
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