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 My thoughts on the Assault Rifle

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PostSubject: My thoughts on the Assault Rifle   Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:22 pm

I wish I had a nickel for every time I was told that this receiver was OP since I started playing Blacklight. Imagine my surprise as a new player when someone says "just stick with the very first gun that give you... it's the best gun in the game".

Yeah! PFFFT! SURE IT IS, I thought to myself. I bet it's just great! It sounded like some misinformation. Best gun in the game? Given to you straight away? Why isn't this guy using it???

I then proceeded to use every receiver BUT the AR. I then found myself constantly going back to the AR. I then found myself using every OTHER part BUT stock! Then recently I went back to stock parts again. I have to say, I really do like the AR...

...but I won't agree that it's OP.

Why not? When everyone else thinks so? Well, I notice that the people that SAY the AR is OP... are using other receivers. If the AR is so OP, why doesnt everyone use it?

The AR is an "all around" weapon. It doesn't do any one thing particularly well. All other things equal, most other receivers will kick its ass in a damage race. Up close to your target? Shotgun, SMG, or M4X will win out over an AR. Long range? Heavy Assault Rifle, Bolt Action, Combat Rifle, or hell, even a Burstfire Rifle will beat your AR. At medium range? Bullpup Full Auto or AK will win out, assuming any degree of skill on the part of your target. It'll be close at midrange, but I find that 65% of the time the BPFA or AK user will win.

Ok, so where does the OP come in? Why do so many ppl think it's OP if it is defeated at all ranges?

Players take note of the weapons that kill them the most. For me, it's Bolt Action rifles. My HP count is so low that they do not need a headshot to drop me in one shot. My whole body is a target for them. At far range. While they're hiding. One shot kills me. I hate Bolt Actions.

For most other players, it's an AR that does them in. You see, the AR does "ok" at all ranges, right? All other receivers are more specialized, and excel in one area, and are lousy in others. There is that saying, "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king". So what if he doesn't have depth perception? He has vision! "Ok" trumps "sucks", every damn time. Bolt Action rifle sucks in close range? Oh, look, my AR is "ok" there! Oh, that Bullpup's fire rate is too slow to hit me in close quarters? My AR is "ok" there, too!

To me, using the AR is all about forcing your opponent into a disadvantaged state in order to gain the upper hand in any given situation. Guerilla tactics and smart fighting are a necessity to make it shine.

In short, the receiver isn't OP... the user is.

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My thoughts on the Assault Rifle
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