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 Extended Agency Prototype - BAR

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Extended Agency Prototype - BAR Empty
PostSubject: Extended Agency Prototype - BAR   Extended Agency Prototype - BAR Icon_minitime1Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:58 am

Extended Agency Prototype - BAR.

Extended Agency Prototype - BAR AtcftGw

This is my newest version of my Bar that I've been working on. I think I'm going to keep this build foreveh!

A lot of people think i'm an absolute fool for using a BAR that only deals 172 dmg. Reason being, is because most people that tries to use bars only shoot body shots... I aim for the flipping Head! One shot kill, always!

I Told myself, that if i just had an accurate rifle, I could pop ppl's heads a lot easier cause... well, my gun is accurate. I don't have that risk of 0.08 degrees of missing a shot from a 50 meter distance. This gun is 100% dead on.

And this is my second favorite part about this weapon. It's hipfire is one of the best I used for being a BAR.
When I see someone about 10-30 meters away, I stop moving the split second that I fire from my hip, with my hip cross-hairs on the opponent. Most the time, it's a hit... finish them off with my secondary.. or they might already be dead from being injured or getting head shotted.

I will say that 10-30 meters you will most likley hit the playing using hip fire, but You have to learn to stop the very instant you fire to get that better accuracy.
If it's 10 meters or closer, You'll hit your opponent every time, as long as you yourself is accurate shooter.

I put a decent mag on it, that carries 8 bullets per mag. Thats so I wont be caught reloading in Close combat, but I can wait it out till i'm somewhere safe.

The scope I use is the siverwood 3x scope. You can put a 4x or 6x scope on it if you are playing on larger maps, but I prefer a faster aim time and more area to see where I'm shooting - That is, so I can quick scope faster.

I also love the look of this gun. Looks like a steam punk rifle or something lol.
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Extended Agency Prototype - BAR Empty
PostSubject: Re: Extended Agency Prototype - BAR   Extended Agency Prototype - BAR Icon_minitime1Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:08 am

Yeah, the Quick Mag is nearly worthless on a BAR. Saves what? Less than a second? Defeats the purpose if you ask me... on a BAR anyway.

So Extended is definitely the way to go.

Also, unless you're REALLY hard up for the extra damage or spread from a damage/spread tag, you're better served by a +2 ammo tag, since each round is potentially what? 168 damage or so in the case of this gun?

So yeah, between an improved mag and a weapon tag... doubles your base ammo. Very Happy

Extended Agency Prototype - BAR 23
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Extended Agency Prototype - BAR
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